Rose Gold Butterfly Open Razors
Rose Gold Butterfly Open Razors With Stand

Rose Gold Butterfly Open Razors


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The package got really damaged on the way to me- but the reason I'm rating this low is because upon opening it, the finish was missing in places and I could see the bare metal underneath. It's not rusty yet, but I'm scared that due to it already being compromised it will in far less time. I bought this as a more environmentally friendly option to shaving so the last thing I want to do is return it and have it turn into waste. For that reason I think I'll just eat the cost and keep it, but not order from zomchi again.

Update: Zomchi reached out to me wanting to make things right and improve my experience with them. They sent me the blue safety razor instead as they're discontinuing the butterfly style- it arrived and didn't have any of the coating chipped and so far has done well with shaving although I really do prefer the butterfly style since it allowed me to quickly and safely clean the blade when shaving. I really hope they eventually make a new butterfly open razor down the road.


Saves money in long run. No razor bumps or irritation with a smooth shave

Loved it:)

Really easy to clean the blade while your using it so you don’t get all the build up that disposables get, and I got less irritation after shaving compared to disposable ones, and I actually ended up getting cut fewer times than I did with disposables. Worth the initial cost and after the first purchase each blade is actually cheaper than a package of disposables so over time you’re making your money back.

Zen Girl
It works well

I nicked myself the first month getting used to it, but once I got used to it (use little to no pressure), I now no longer nick myself while shaving with this razor. It’s kind of heavy, but other than that I really like it.
It worked fine for 4 months but I went to change blades today and it won’t close properly. I realized that dried soap scum/calcium deposits needed to be brushed away to allow proper functioning. Now it’s working perfectly again.

Amazing !

this is SO much easier to use instead of the disposable ones. You can just hold it at an angle and just drag it along the skin and it feels like it does the work for you! I got a super close shave even using it in my bikini area while it is also easy to rinse off any remaining hair or residue on the blade! Definitely is helping me save money in the long run