Safety Razor Buying Guide

Safety Razor Buying Guide

Choosing which safety razor to get can become a very discouraging task since there are several types on the market to choose from. However, the process does not need to be complicated. When choosing a safety razor, keep these basics in mind:

Handle length : Most razor handles are 80mm or 100mm long. There is no difference in the quality of the shave based on the length. More importantly, it is a matter of comfort. In terms of how a razor feels in your hand, you have to decide which one is best for you.

Handle Texture : Choose razors with textured handles so you can grip them in all situations, even when using shaving oil.

Weight: You will feel safer when using a heavier razor, especially if you are a beginner. By applying weight instead of pressure, the razor will work harder.

Cap Shape: Use a razor with a slim head that allows you to reach difficult areas, such as under your nose.

Razor Type: Most safety razors have a straight comb bar and a fixed blade gap. As well as adjustable razors, you can also find razors that let you set the amount of blade exposed yourself.

Aggressiveness: If you're a beginner, the most important thing is to choose a razor that is mild and non-aggressive.It is very important to be careful when using an aggressive razor. As a result of the gap between the comb (bottom part of the razor head) and the head (top part), it becomes sharper, more aggressive as the gap widens and the blade becomes more exposed.

A Guide to Making the Right Choice

Beginner: Choose a razor with a scalloped safety bar. You will have a good experience using these because they are simple to use. We recommend the scalloped safety bar over the straight safety bar because it allows more hair into the blade. 

Sensitive skin: Make sure your razor has a scalloped bar that is gentle.

Thin hair: Scalloped razors with mild blades are perfect for thin hair.

Thick, coarse hair:a closed comb may be an option if you think you need to guide your beard into the blade.

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