Rainbow Double Edge Safety Razor With Stand Abd 10 Counts Razor Blades
Zomchi Rainbow Double Edge Safety Razor With 5 Counts Razor Blades

Rainbow Double Edge Safety Razor with Stand


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Love it!!!

I love the stand that comes with it. It’s very hard to find the stand solo anywhere. The razor itself seems solid and colors vibrant

Love it!!!

it's great

Madison horn
I give it a 10/10

I like this product at first I thought I was gonna cut myself the first time I used it but overall it’s an amazing product

SO EASY (beware of blade though)

I absolutely love the safety razor. I’ve had others and they always rusted and got really gross looking pretty quick. Plus I never felt I got the whole “hold it at a 30 degree angle” but this one just feels natural and like disposable razors. The blades are super thin and sharp so be careful when changing the blade. Mine got stuck and stupidly I forced it and sliced a chunk off of my thumb. I’m not sure how it will age (fingers crossed) but this is a great alternative to disposable razors. I definitely recommend!

Elizabeth Robinett

I love this. I bought it to replace a different type of DER that was dropped one to many times. This one is much easier to hold and the base is a lifesaver of keeping it from knocked off the shelf. I also kept the small box it came in and it makes traveling a breeze. I use to just grab a disposable for trips and now I don’t have to.