What is a safety razor and what types are there?

What is a safety razor and what types are there?

What is a safety razor?

Unlike disposable razors, safety razors have a built-in safety mechanism to prevent accidental cuts and nicks. The razor head protrudes past the blade's edge, preventing direct contact between the blade and the skin.

Safety razors: why should you try them?

Safety razors have a lot of benefits that might appeal to you. If you're sick of paying $20 every month for cartridges. Or you'd like a cleaner, less annoying shave; or you get scratched using disposable razors provided by the hotel;or you're trying to reduce your plastic waste when shaving

A safety razors is the perfect solution to all these problems.

Today, what types of safety razors are extant?

Safety Razors of the Traditional  Type

The classic double-edge safety razor is the most common type. Based on King C. Gillette's 1905 invention, these razors were designed mainly for shaving guys' faces. By adding a safety bar beneath the blade, straight razors were improved.

In addition, Gillette made the blades very low-cost, and they could be disposed of after a few uses.

Recent advances in classic metal razor  include Zomchi women's safety razor

Not like plastic and disposable razors which are impossible to recycle and harmful to our mother earth. Zomchi women's safety razor is made to fight against the gigantic amounts of disposable razors which are sent to landfill every year.

You just need to unscrew the head from the grip, take the top part off and put a razor in the bottom part and then screw tightly the head into the grip.

The zomchi lady double edge razor offers the Maximum shaving experience by lifting and removing the hair follicles making it possible for the users to get the best experience with the closest and cleanest shave possible.

Eco Razor with Long Natural Bamboo Handle

Unlike other metal razors, The eco Razor with Long Natural Bamboo Handle is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and has a natural wooden handle. It is comfortable and durable, and can achieve a tighter, smoother, more professional shaving.

The razor does not need to be replaced every time, which helps to keep the environment clean.With the advanced micro-comb design, you get a comfortable shaving experience and extra safety.

The handle won't fade or crack and the blade can be placed flexibly around contours of the body or face.Men and women can shave with this sustainable eco-friendly leaf shaver.

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