Bamboo Safety Razor Thin Handle With 5 Counts Of ZOMCHI Razor Blades And Packing Box

Bamboo Safety Razor -Thin Handle


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jayt ckrives
Don't be scary to use it

I like it so easy to use, I didn't cut my self

Great razor!

The razor is a good weight, I love the wood, gives good grip. It's easy to handle and guide around when I'm shaving my head.

Good Quality

I bought both styles of safety razor-one for me and one as a gift for my partner. They both feel like very good quality and seem sturdy. Both are a nice size and weight but the all metal one is heavier than the bamboo. I’m really happy with this purchase & excited to never need single use plastic razors again!

You won’t be disappointed

Received razor today in the mail after 2 days of ordering and that alone was pleasing. This is my first attempt/ownership of a non disposable razor and I am NEVER going back. Love the quality of the razor and the weight and ergonomics of it are on point. This is the closest shave I’ve had since I tried waxing and I didn’t cut myself at all! Very simple and easy to use. Kept it at the angle the instructions pointed out and it was smooth sailing from there out. Def recommend

Greg R. Owen
Looks like a very nice quality razor.

Beautiful razor and beautifully packaged.
At 65 years old this will be my first DE razor and I'm excited to go use it.
Also happy that they included some blades in the package.
I don't shave a lot as it is but I hope this will decrease the amount of waste in our landfill.