How to clean safety razor

How to clean safety razor

Keep your safety razor clean and disinfected to get the longest life and cleanest shaves possible.


The Supplies

  1. Dish soap– Not dishwasher soap, but the regular stuff, like Dawn or Palmolive.
  2. Isopropyl alcohol– This is your basic rubbing alcohol. A higher percentage will give you better results, so try to shoot for 99% for the most cleaning power.
  3. Toothbrush– This doesn’t have to be a new one
  4. Q-tips and toothpicks.
  5. A cup


1. Pour 2/3 of the warm water into the bowl, then add a few squirts of dish soap. Mix the soap and water with the toothbrush until they are nice and sudsy.

2. Apply the soapy mixture with the toothbrush to your safety razor and scrub away the buildup. Brush bristles are strong enough to dislodge soap scum, but not hard enough to scratch your razor. It may be necessary to scrub all parts of your razor more than once in order to remove the buildup.

3.Use the q-tips and toothpicks to clean your safety razor in detail. Scrub your razor's crevasses with a q-tip dipped in the soapy mixture. If you have a butterfly-style safety razor, open it all the way and continue to clean the parts with q-tips and the toothbrush as necessary.  The toothpicks can also be used to chip and pick away at any remaining buildup in the corners of your razor, and the soft wood won't scratch it.

4.When you are finished detailing, pour the soap and water mixture out of the bowl (or whatever container you are using) and thoroughly clean it. It also makes sure your toothbrush is also thoroughly cleaned.

5.After you have filled the bowl with the isopropyl alcohol about halfway, apply it to your safety razor with the toothbrush. After that, gently scrub the razor. In addition to removing any buildup or soap scum, the alcohol disinfects the razor. 

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