Zomchi Back Scrubber (Blue)

Zomchi Back Scrubber (Blue)

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Yulia Vasyutinskaya
Nice softness

But pads inside get separated when you stretch it

Love it!

Just the right amount of "scratchiness." Dries well.

Scratchiness is ideal! Helps slowly clear up bacne.

Nice and scratchy, but won’t leave your skin raw or sore even if you overdo it cause, well, it feels good! ☺️🤭
It leaves you soft and refreshed and after the first use you will likely Notice a difference. Been using this for about two or three weeks now and it’s my go to.
I recommend these for so many people with so many different skin issues. Its also good for back acne. Just be sure you don’t have any open ones and a good scrub will exfoliate your skin and it’ll feel smoother and cleaner, and clearer.
If you keep at it every single day for a couple weeks with the nuetrogina brand body scrub, You’ll notice a big difference. Just be sure to wash the cloth really well after each use. I wash my body with hot soapy water and this cloth. Then I rinse it using the rinsed off cloth in cool water where its almost uncomfortable, to close my pores. It makes a huge difference and the cloth plays a really big role in that. I haven’t had back acne since I was a teenager but I all of a sudden got it again about a year ago during last summer.
I can’t promise that this cloth will work miracles for you, but it definitely made a difference in my back acne as a woman in her thirty’s. I was able to wear a bareback bathing suit just this past weekend. Scars and dark spots are still there, yes, but there weren’t any pissed off red dots that I could see.

Overall. This cloth is great and even if you don’t have back acne (lucky you) lol, you get a good invigorating exfoliating shower with the help of this bad boy.
Keep it away from your privates tho. Not speaking from personal experience, but ummm, this is a tad too hard for down there. I wouldn’t even consider it. 😵‍💫
Its excellent for elbows, knees, neck and of course especially the back.
You’ll like this wash cloth, that I can promise. (But I offer no guarantee lol)

Alejandro G.
Feels great!

Amazing! Loved this one. Feels great for back rubbing. Recommended.

Back Scrubber for shower

This is a pretty scratchy tough scrubber. It's not so bad when you get it wet but if you really want to exfoliate your skin, this will do the trick. It's made very well - very durable. If you take care of this scrubber, it should last a very long time. It's easy to use and it's a good length to reach your entire back. I think you'll be very happy with this scrubber.