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The package got really damaged on the way to me- but the reason I'm rating this low is because upon opening it, the finish was missing in places and I could see the bare metal underneath. It's not rusty yet, but I'm scared that due to it already being compromised it will in far less time. I bought this as a more environmentally friendly option to shaving so the last thing I want to do is return it and have it turn into waste. For that reason I think I'll just eat the cost and keep it, but not order from zomchi again.

Update: Zomchi reached out to me wanting to make things right and improve my experience with them. They sent me the blue safety razor instead as they're discontinuing the butterfly style- it arrived and didn't have any of the coating chipped and so far has done well with shaving although I really do prefer the butterfly style since it allowed me to quickly and safely clean the blade when shaving. I really hope they eventually make a new butterfly open razor down the road.



Stunningly beautiful razor and a smooth shaver too! I have had a great experience in my month of using it so far! The redesigned head is great for protecting you from the end tabs of the blade .

Solid razor!!

Feels good in your hand,
I wish the handle was a bit longer (as someone who bought this to shave their body)
but it feels great to use knowing cleaning is so easy!! so i find it fully worth it.

Do not be intimidated!!
Not once did i nick myself. i found the shaving process very intuitive.
managed to shave my bikini line and armpits with ease and i was not left irritated like i do with typical shaving razors.

With the right care I'm sure this razor would last you a long long time, a purchase worth considering if you'd like to live more sustainably (and save money).

Really nice

Love it. Always get a nice shave. Took a bit of time to get used to. The handle isn’t as grippy as I would like but I’ve never dropped it. Love the color. Very happy.

Classic safety razor

Love my safety razor had a butterfly one that I loved but do suggest the classic original style less likely to brake

Works Well on Acne-Prone Skin

My skin breaks out all the time, and I'm always looking for the next awesome product to help me out with it. I've read about Konjac sponges and decided to try one. They arrive dry and rather small, but once you follow the directions and soak the sponge in warm water for a few minutes it softens up and expands quite a bit. I use it with my regular facial cleanser and it definitely makes a difference. The sponge is really soft, and yet exfoliates your skin thoroughly, without leaving it feeling dried out. I struggle with very dry skin on my nose and lips, and exfoliating them with this sponge gets every bit of dead skin off and leaves my skin feeling very refreshed. Will definitely be getting these again.

Don't be scary to use it

I like it so easy to use, I didn't cut my self

Bit small, but quite capable for task. Beautiful rose gold finish.

They do provide the measurements in the product details, but it still seems a bit small. However, it does match the given dimensions. And, it does provide a reasonably stable base for a razor. The significant other mentioned that this would be nice for her personal needs (a subtle hint). And, she adores the rose gold finish on the product. In fact, careful examination found no scratches, nicks or defects in the surface. She tested her razor, and it fit perfectly, providing a good base/stand.Attached are photos to show real world images, with a ruler for size reference. Various angles are shown for an overview of the base.Based on quality of materials and beautiful finish, this base stand garners a 4.5 - 4.75 star rating, with a high level recommendation.

Great handle

I have it sitting next to my Edward jagger for reference ... it’s definitely easier to hold And less slippery than the EJ, I did sandpaper lightly the handle to get the shiny coat off so it would be even easier to hold. It’s slightly heavier than the EJ but I love it.

100 Counts Safety Razor blades

Nice razor

This razor has some weight to it! I was not expecting it to be as heavy as it is. Not a bad thing, just shows it's not cheap material. It's very pretty in person and easy to maneuver. The design allows for optimal shaving, especially for more precious areas. Very safe to use but like with anything sharp, use with caution. I definitely recommend.

Outstanding purchase for a low price point!

This razor is the smoothest shave I have ever had. I have been using safety razors for about three years and own about a half dozen and this is currently my favorite go to razor for a quick easy cut.This razor is a classic three piece razor and has a good weight behind it. I would say this razor is definitely in the mild end and is the least aggressive shaver I have. It has a sleek design and the metal against the skin is super smooth. The handle has a good grip to it and is sturdy when you dock it in the stand.Definitely would recommend to any DE enthusiast!

Great material and saves soaps

Very nice soap pouch that it saves your small little pieces of left over soaps and when scrub it on your body, it does not hurt and gives a good exfoliate for your body. The closing is good that soaps will not fall out.

Wow.. you’ll love it!

Talk about awesome! I’ve never had an all metal razor before! Such quality and beautiful colors. It comes with 5 extra blades and a QR code that directs you to where you may purchase more. My shaving experience was amazing, my skin feels super smooth. I’m very impressed! Highly recommended!

Works perfect

Works as desired, see photo

Visually Appealing, Durable, Effective, Easy To Clean

Is it okay to say that a razor is beautiful? Strange, perhaps- but true nonetheless. I’ve never had a razor like this and I’m pretty impressed so far..-Strong, thick metal design-Pretty rose gold-colored finish-Comes with nice matching metal stand-Two boxes of 5 razors blades included-The blades are SHARP obviously, but be careful!-Incredibly easy and cool way to insert or remove blades (handle has simple twisting mechanism that opens/closes the head so you can simply place or remove a blade)-This design makes it so easy to separate the blades from the handle to clean- no more hairs stuck inside-I love that this is completely reusable. I imagine the blades may last longer since they are so easy to clean and you shouldn’t even have to buy a new holder or stand unless they break, which I think might be unlikely unless you abuse it.-I’m hoping there are other standard blades that fit in here for when these inevitably run out-Comes with straightforward instructions and is nicely packagedPerhaps best of all is that I got excellent results! I was honestly unsure and a little nervous. I knew I loved the how the product looked and felt along with the overall presentation, but I feel like we have all been convinced that razors need 1000 blades to be effective. This is a single blade-though dual sided, and it did a great job. It doesn’t even have the little rubber pad or gel line or whatever that comes on most disposable razor blades, but I tried it with and without shaving cream and was happy.I will say that there may be a learning curve in a way if you aren’t used to this type of razor. I’m used to shaving fairly fast without issues and maybe I just need more practice with this- but NO! Slow it down and don’t press hard. I filleted myself nicely a couple times (my own fault really). I’m not so sure I would want to shave in *certain areas* with this. I’m not going to even attempt it until I get used the feel of it more.I know I already mentioned easy cleaning but I just wanted to highlight that one more time because it is my favorite part. You can shave a bunch of thick hair and then (like any other razor) it gets bunched up between the blade and the head at some point. That is beyond frustrating. All I had to do was twist it open enough to rinse but not so much that the blade to falls out when flipped upside down and then run under the faucet (or in my case the shower head) - BOOM stuck hair gone in seconds and you’re ready to go again!All that being said, I feel this deserves a 5 star rating. Please note, I have not been using this incredibly long. I’m still on the first blade, so I can’t tell you how long each blade lasts with regular use before a change is needed. Also, the product seems very durable as it is metal, but I have not dropped it at all, so I can’t tell you how it would stand up to that.I’ll be back to update this review once I have more information to provide, but as of now I would definitely recommend this to others!!! It is awesome!!! I hope my review was helpful in some way, and if so, I would love to know- thanks!

No razor bumps! CLEAN CUTS

I decided to try this razor after a series of razor bumps from shaving my legs and underarms. These worked so well and after a day I did not see any razor bumps. It cuts sharp and feels safe to use. It is well made and heavier than I expected. The razor holder is not cheap and is weighted enough to avoid knocking over your razor. It comes with 10 razor blades which is a great value and instructions on how to install the blades.

Pretty and solid

The razor is very pretty, heavy duty, and feels like quality. The blades are simple to change.

Great exfoliation!

These soap saving scrubbers are made of excellent material!!! Not too harsh but not completely soft either! Can fit a good size bar maybe a good 8-12 ounce bar! Lathers beautifully and leaves you feeling clean without irritating even the most sensitive skin! Will definitely order again once these are un-usable!

Impressive quality for a brand I've never heard about, a bit small for a man's grip

I got this for my husband since he was complaining the Harry's and Dollar Shave Club razors just weren't getting as close of a shave as he wanted. I thought a safety razor would be a good entry level for him.Well... he cut himself the first time using this razor, but that means the blades provided are nice and sharp! Definitely use during or after a warm shower. It's a solid weight in your hand, has a good balance, but it's a bit small when my husband holds it. See photo and hand comparison.Overall, for the current price of $24.99 i'm impressed with the packaging, quality of the razor, and even the provided blades. I wish the handle was longer but not a big deal.

Nice leather

Not a whole lot to say here- it's real genuine leather and it will do its job and protect your razor head. I don't know ofany razors (head) bigger than my Viking adjustable but I imagine if this fits it, then it will accommodate virtually any de razor head. Nice sheath for travel protection or home storage.