ZOMCHI Bamboo Safety Razor Thick Handle With 5 Counts Blades And Packing Box

Bamboo Safety Razor -Thick Handle


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Great handle

I have it sitting next to my Edward jagger for reference ... it’s definitely easier to hold And less slippery than the EJ, I did sandpaper lightly the handle to get the shiny coat off so it would be even easier to hold. It’s slightly heavier than the EJ but I love it.

Great razor!

The razor is a good weight, I love the wood, gives good grip. It's easy to handle and guide around when I'm shaving my head.

Muy recomendado excelente producto

Me gusto mucho, muy sólida, muy pesada, se siente muy bien, para afeitar se siente suave, el mecanismo es de rosca. Por el precio me parece que es una excelente compra !

Nice design

Double edged razor works well when I let the whiskers on my neck get too long for the Mach3 razors to get.
Gets longer whiskers better, but isn't quite as close or as comfortable as the Mach3s.
Fat wooden handle is easier to control than the thinner metal ones on other double-edged razors. Looks nice.
Would buy again.

Reliable, Affordable Handle

I made the switch to old school safety razors about 7-8 years ago and never looked back. My previous handle was a Merkur style with a butterfly opening. But over the past few months one side was becoming a bit more "scratchy" than the other. It never cut me, but it was noticibly more uncomfortable than the other side.

So over the Christmas holiday I decided to treat myself to a new handle. I'll admit I mostly bought this one because it looked cool.

When it arrived I was initially disappointed to discover that it was not a butterfly-style opener but the very old school kind where you unscrew the top altogether to switch the blades. But after a few moments I had figured it out.

That's where the disappointment ended. I've been using it for over a week now and it's probably the best handle I've ever used. It's got a thick, grippy bamboo handle with a nice weight to it and the shave is as smooth as you can imagine. I love the fact that this technology was perfected a hundred years ago and they've been trying to trick us into new versions ever since.

I ordered another 100 pack of blades as well. Last time I ordered Astras and that lasted me nearly 5 years. This time I got a variety pack which is worth it for the array of old school packaging alone. But this was I'm hoping to find my new favorite brand of blades.

If you're new to safety razors I'd say definitely take the plunge. They're cheap, reliable and give a great shave. Don't worry about all the accoutrements either. I initially did the whole thing with the badger hair brush and the old timey shave soap. Fun but not necessary. I just use a Barbasol style shaving cream and change my blades every 7-10 shaves. (I have pretty light facial hair so I can sometimes skip a day without anyone noticing, especially in our current mask wearing era LOL).