We are ZOMCHI, focusing on the field of environmental protection, creative home crafts, daily necessities, adhering to the concept of sustainable development and green environmental protection, committed to researching and providing various environmental protection products for people, and constantly pursuing the ideal life of zero pollution in the new era.
Users of ZOMCHI products can share the same ideas and ideals as ours, protect the global village we live on, and work together to find ways to coexist more harmoniously with nature.
Environmental issues are a huge challenge facing all humanity in the 21st century. As we all know, global warming has reduced the area of ​​greening ... It has caused a significant impact on humans and other living things on the planet. Animals are on the verge of extinction, ecological imbalances, abnormal weather extremes, and natural disasters flooding ... (can be a more specific one-sentence case) Every corner of the world may be affected by the rapid flow of every minute and every second With different levels of human persecution.  
We firmly believe that human beings are a community of destiny and are not classified by race, color, or language. Human beings have never flinched when faced with difficult problems, and so has ZOMCHI. ZOMCHI is also working hard to contribute a meager strength, quoting our old saying, Constant dropping wears the stone. As long as we persist, focus on doing a good job, doing excellence, and keeping improving. 
Beauty you,Beauty future. That is what we proceed to do. Join us, you are the master of the world, where to start, from around, let's get start right now, how about start from changing the plastic bag in your house?

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