At Zomchi, we develop reusable or biodegradable alternatives

We are committed to providing high-quality eco-friendly products such as stainless steel and bamboo that promote a Zero-Plastic lifestyle. Our products are designed to help you reduce your environmental footprint and live a more sustainable life.

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I love the idea of not having to buy a razer all the time and my mom grew up on these types of razers so I know she will love this. This beautiful color and comes with extra blades and perfect size if you are traveling. Great purchase will be buying one for myself.


Received razor today in the mail after 2 days of ordering and that alone was pleasing. Love the quality of the razor and the weight and ergonomics of it are on point. This is the closest shave I’ve had since I tried waxing and I didn’t cut myself at all! Very simple and easy to use.

John R

Me gusto mucho, muy sólida, muy pesada, se siente muy bien, para afeitar se siente suave, el mecanismo es de rosca. Por el precio me parece que es una excelente compra !Kept it at the angle the instructions pointed out and it was smooth sailing from there out. Def recommend