Zomchi black Reusable Plastic Free Double Edge Razor For Women
Zomchi Rainbow Reusable Plastic Free Double Edge Razor with 10 double edged safety razor blades and holder For Women

Black Double Edge Safety Razor


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Classic safety razor

Love my safety razor had a butterfly one that I loved but do suggest the classic original style less likely to brake

Outstanding purchase for a low price point!

This razor is the smoothest shave I have ever had. I have been using safety razors for about three years and own about a half dozen and this is currently my favorite go to razor for a quick easy cut.This razor is a classic three piece razor and has a good weight behind it. I would say this razor is definitely in the mild end and is the least aggressive shaver I have. It has a sleek design and the metal against the skin is super smooth. The handle has a good grip to it and is sturdy when you dock it in the stand.Definitely would recommend to any DE enthusiast!

kaitlyn hall
Highly recommend

It’s actually a really good razor. I did cut myself a few times the first time using it but it was like a small paper cut. It’s very easy to use and will definitely be more cost effective. It’s also really heavy and feels expensive.

Nice quality, still unsure if I like it though!

This is my first time using a safety razor so I’m not sure if it’s this specific razor or if it’s just all safety razors in general but I can’t seem to get a close shave with this razor. I will say before it was intimidating and I was nervous so I started slow, but the more I used it the better it got. The quality of the razor itself is great! Does not feel cheap at all and comes with extra blades which is nice. I can get my legs pretty smooth but shaving my armpits is not as easy. I’ve gotten the hang of it and I can get it pretty smooth but it seems to grow back faster than when I use the standard plastic razors, but again this could be all safety razors as this is the first and only one I’ve used!


I think I need to buy better quality blades because the ones it came with aren’t the best. But the razor itself it really good. Weighted and good quality. Just make sure you take it apart to clean it out and dry it off after every use so it it stays in good shape