Why am I not getting a close shave with a safety razor?

Why am I not getting a close shave with a safety razor?

If you're not getting a close shave with a safety razor, consider the following tips:

Preparation is Key: Ensure proper skin preparation before shaving, such as washing or exfoliating your face. This helps soften the hair and open up pores for a smoother shave .

Understand Hair Growth: Identify the direction of hair growth on different parts of your face. Shaving with the grain reduces irritation and improves closeness .

Multiple Passes: Experiment with multiple passes for a closer shave. First, go with the grain, then across, and if needed, against the grain for optimal results.

Angle Matters: Maintain the correct shaving angle. A steeper angle, bringing the razor's handle closer to parallel to the skin, can enhance closeness .

Clean the Razor: Keep your safety razor clean. Single-bladed razors are easier to maintain, providing a closer shave compared to multi-bladed razors that may clog up quickly .

By incorporating these tips, you can improve your safety razor shaving experience and achieve a closer shave.

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