Zomchi Rainbow Reusable Plastic Free Double Edge Razor with 10 double edged safety razor blades and holder For Women
ZOMCHI Safety Razor With Stand And 10 Counts Blades

Black Double Edge Safety Razor With Stand


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David Hicks
Great Value

This product is a great introduction to first time wet shavers.

Courtney Hunter
Simple and easy eco-friendly switch

Comes with ten blades. The setup was really self-explanatory. The instruction manual is also super clear. It has a heaviness to it that makes it feel high quality. The base has a hole in the bottom to drain any water. It’s pretty enough I don’t feel like I need to hide it in a drawer or cabinet.


Amazing way of shaving without wasting tons of plastic every time!

K&M Reviews
Clean shaving, sharp, easy to use

This product came with multiple packs of razors. It was easy to assemble and use. We use it on our face, arm pits, arms, and legs. It worked great in all areas and got a clean and close shave.

Gives a close shave. Easy to clean razor and blade of hair debris.

This Safety Razor product also comes with:
-- a stand
-- two cardboard boxes that each contain 5 individually wrapped blades for a total of 10 blades
-- a user manual

This was my first time using a safety razor, so I very carefully shaved my facial hair. The razor and blade gives a close shave. I am satisfied. During the 5 occasions I used this in the past 2 weeks, I nicked myself a couple of times (but, this also happens with the standard razors I've used).

I find it easy to clean the blades. I have yet to replace the first blade I used. So, at minimum, if I replaced a blade every 3 weeks, I'd have 27 more weeks left (thanks to the 9 unused blades) before needing to buy more blades.

The stand is sturdy, with a hole extending all the way through the stand. The handle of the safety razor fits nicely into the stand.

The handle of the razor is sturdy, and is textured to give me a secure grip while shaving.

I read page 5 of the user manual on how to install the blade; then, I watched videos on the Internet to see how it was done. All in all, I found it easy to install and to remove a blade.

Overall, this safety razor gives good shaves.