100 Counts Safety Razor blades
100 Counts Safety Razor blades

100 Counts Safety Razor blades


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Glen Seymour

100 Counts Safety Razor blades

Elena Harris

Double Edge Razor Blades, 100 Counts Safety Razor blades for Shaving, Platinum Stainless Steel Shaving Blades for Men and Women

Buy now, Shave Later.

The value and quality of these blades are incredible. I feel like I’m set on razorblades for life, however I know that’s probably an exaggeration. I love Zomchi’s safety razor, which was my first ever safety razor, and totally changed my shaving habits. I love that I no longer have to deal with razor bumps or wasteful disposable razors. Now with this 100 count of blades, I won’t be needing to worry about refilling blades for at least a few years since I change my blade maybe only 1-3 times a month. I didn’t notice at first that the box had a little tear slot to make it easy to remove each blade pack, but when I did notice it and tore it off, it didn’t really seem any more convenient than it would be to just open it from the top. Overall this is an excellent purchase for anyone who likes to stock up on essential supplies.

Malik Reid
Great option

The razor blades are long lasting, and easy to store. Buying in bulk ensures I won’t need to buy for a long time to come.

Awesome blades for a good price.

These are awesome blades for my safety razor. They last a very long time - much longer than regular razors. I have no shaving bumps or any other issues anymore. They shave nice and close to the skin.