How to Remove Blades from ZOMCHI Butterfly Razor

How to Remove Blades from ZOMCHI Butterfly Razor


When you feel tugging or pulling as you shave, replace the blade. A safety razor's blade needs to be changed occasionally, but it can be hard to tell when to do so. Make sure you pay attention to the first few strokes of your shave. If the blade seems to be pulling on your hair, it's time to change it!

  • You should change the blades before shave again if your face feels irritated or there are razor bumps and marks after shaving.
  • It is never a good idea to test the razor on your hand, as you may cut yourself or damage the razor if the blade is not dull yet.

The four steps to follow

First:Rotate the razor's handle clockwise to reveal the blade. You should hold the handle in your dominant hand and the head of the razor in your other hand. Then, move the handle to the left until the top of the head opens up to reveal the blade or the head separates from the handle, depending on the razor.

Safety razors come in a few different types, and some of them have different blades. Make sure you pay attention to the razor head as you twist the handle.

It is important not to tip the razor on its side or hold it upside down. In those positions, the razor can easily fall out of the head.
Rotate the zomchi razor's handle clockwise
Second:To change the blade, remove the old one from the razor. Carefully lift the blade out of the head using your fingers or a butter knife. You should avoid touching the sharp edges of the blade while removing it. The blade can be recycled after removal to reduce waste!
lift the ZOMCHI blade out of the head
Third:Replace the blade in the head's open slot. Slide a new blade into the slot on the head to replace the old one. Words or arrows are usually printed on the blade to ensure that it's facing in the right direction.

Handle your extra blade with care if you don't have a holder or cartridge.
Replace the ZOMCHI blade in the head's open slot
Fourth:To close the head and secure the blade, turn the handle counterclockwise. As soon as the blade is in the razor, replace any parts that cover it, and twist the handle the opposite way to tighten it. To prevent the blade from falling out, tilt the razor carefully onto its side.
close the head and turn the handle counterclockwise

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